Anis Matta : Turkey Geopolitical Determination Message

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Turkey Geopolitical Determination
Turkey Geopolitical Determination

INTERNATIONAL PERDANANEWS. JAKARTA. Turkey Geopolitical Determination Message. Leader of Turkey region. It was Erdogan’s message behind the decision to return Hagia Sophia to be a mosque after being a museum by Kemal Attaturk since 1935. This is a message of determination in the midst of Will’s political battle geopolitically.

The message seems to have begun Turkey Erdogan’s new geopolitical approach after nearly 10 years of conflict, such as in Syria, Greece, Libya, Yemen, and others.

The failure of the 2016 military coup sponsored by anti-Arab Spring countries such as Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates further strengthened Erdogan’s internal position.

It also emboldened erdogan to intervene in the region, such as Libya and possibly someday in Yemen.

The oil-price collapse has hit the Saudi economy, the united Arab emirates, and Russia, which are the main players in the geopolitical conflict in the region. It gives Turkey more freedom.

Erdogan prepares Turkey to end the effectiveness of the Lausanne treaty in next 2023. It was signed July 24, 1923, in Lausanne, Switzerland, with England, France, Italy, Greece, Romania, and Japan after losing the first world war. For Turkey, it’s a century of humiliation

The message of Turkey’s geopolitical determination seems to be designed neatly towards Erdogan’s final election in 2024. But the real Turkey’s challenge is not there. The challenge lies in an economic recovery in the midst of a continuing crisis. Will Erdogan be successful?

Anis Matta – Head of Gelora Indonesia Party