A Dream Is a Gap of Releasing Energy

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Dream Releasing Energy - Anis Matta
Dream Releasing Energy - Anis Matta

Anis Matta – Chairman Gelora Indonesia Party

INTERNATIONAL PERDANANEWS – A Dream Is a Gap of Releasing Energy. Senile. That was the comment of many people when Franklin D. Roosevelt planned to produce 30,000 warplanes during the Second World War. Whereas, the American military industry at that time was only able to produce a maximum of 400 . In fact, they ended up producing 50,000 warplanes.

The story always assures us that big dreams resemble Utopia are what we really need in the midst of a crisis. That will be the gap for our collective realising energy . Because, a crisis can paralyze the defense of the soul and kill our creativity process.

Looking for a solution from the crisis will not produce anything if our minds and souls are paralyzed. Reality that is pitch black must be opposed by big dreams that are very bright. Between the narrow space of reality and the vast imagination, there is a gap that secretly flows our energy. It makes us feel empowered, strong and confident. And at once all situations will seem completely different.

The promise of the liberation of Rome and Persia was also made by the Prophet Muhammad when Muslims were surrounded in the Battle of Khandak. It was not in a casual conversation on the veranda of the Medina Mosque. The dream releases their energy and immediately they explode then then they won a big victory.

That is why the dream of making Indonesia the top 5 in the world is a way to release our collective energy as a nation, then blow it up in big achievements. Nothing will be achieved without big dreams. That might look like Utopia. But, that is the story of our future.