General Services Administration Agrees to Brief Congress on Delayed Transition

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General Services Administration
General Services Administration

The General Services Administration on Monday agreed to brief House and Senate lawmakers about the transition process as its delay in ascertaining Joe Biden as the winner of the Nov. 3 presidential election prevents him from receiving daily intelligence briefings, access to agency officials and documents, funding and other formal transition assistance.

But those briefings won’t take place until next week, GSA said, signaling the agency is in no hurry to give President-elect Joe Biden access to information officials from across the political spectrum say is critical to reducing national security vulnerabilities and ensuring effective distribution of a COVID-19 vaccine during the transition of power from the Trump administration to the Biden administration in January.

Last Thursday, four top House lawmakers and 40 Democratic senators and one independent sent letters to GSA Administrator Emily Murphy expressing concern that she has yet to ascertain Biden as the winner of the presidential election, almost two weeks after news outlets called the race for him. The law requires GSA to ascertain the “apparent” winner before he or she can receive certain critical transition services. In both letters, the lawmakers asked for a briefing by Monday. The House Democrats said they are also considering holding a public hearing. (adr/int)