Dr. Boyke’s Long Lasting Tips, Anti Premature Ejaculation

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Dr. Boyke's Long Lasting Tips, Anti Premature Ejaculation
Dr. Boyke's Long Lasting Tips, Anti Premature Ejaculation

international.perdananews.com – Dr. Boyke’s Long Lasting Tips, Anti Premature Ejaculation. Wow, maybe this discussion is a topic that you will love. Yes, we will discuss tips on satisfying your partner and long-lasting tips ala Dr. Boyke. How long the duration of penetration will greatly affect the satisfaction of the partner during sex.

This is where the courage and endurance of a man is needed, so that women can have an orgasm.

“So the duration determines, in order to prolong it. Anyway, for a man it must be hard and durable,” said the obstetrician and sex consultant, dr. Boyke Dian Nugraha, SpOG, MARS.

To prolong what dr. Boyke is to make sure the couple gets their orgasms.

To get an orgasm, men must penetrate at least more than 3 minutes or more than 20 pricks, because if it is less than that the man is said to have premature ejaculation.

“But if 3 to 5 minutes, that’s normal, because 60 percent of women have orgasms in 5 minutes, but if he (men) can increase it up to 9 minutes 70 percent 80 percent have orgasms. If it goes up again to 12 minutes 90 percent already orgasm. , “he said.

Orgasm itself is said to be the peak of pleasure in having sex. After previously doing foreplay or heating for at least 10 minutes, so that the vagina is ready to accept the entry of the penis.

Meanwhile, there are various factors that cause premature ejaculation which impact on the quality of sex, because they both are not satisfied and do not get an orgasm.

“The factors (premature ejaculation) are many, so the blood vessels are not healthy due to high-fat foods, fried coconut milk, high sugar, rice, then also lack of exercise, smoking, drinking alcohol, staying up late, lack of sleep and prolonged stress,” he explained. .

If it’s like this, dr. Boyke advised not to go to the doctor right away, and it was enough to only take stamina-supporting drugs.

“But if it can be overcome because he lacks stamina, lack of stamina, narrowed blood vessels a little, it can still be treated,” he concluded.

In addition, this sexologist who often appears on the screen also provides some tips for men to avoid strong drugs while still satisfying their partners.

“Our bodies must be in shape and our brains must be relaxed, because the brain is the center of everything including ejaculation,” Boyke explained.

He advised Adam to do good foreplay to their partners in order to quickly reach orgasm. According to him, failure to give orgasm to a partner could be one of the motivations for using strong drugs.

“With enough foreplay, then stimulate our partner’s sensitive points. No need to use strong drugs,” he said casually.

According to Boyke’s doctor, the causes of premature ejaculation vary.

“Premature ejaculation has many causes. It could be stress, too excited, and it could also be caused by a decreased immune system when having a cold or not feeling well,” said Boyke.

In addition, Boyke added, premature ejaculation is normal for men. Moreover, this condition will be experienced by 85% of men in their lives.

“Premature ejaculation is experienced by almost 85% of men in their life,” he continued.

With these conditions, men often seek help to overcome premature ejaculation that he is suffering from.

Doctor Boyke also mentioned that his help was very diverse, from ointments to monkey brains. Anti Premature Ejaculation.