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How to Become Ultraman, Here Is A Triathlon That You Should Try

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How To Become Ultraman, Here Is A Triathlon That You Should Try
How To Become Ultraman, Here Is A Triathlon That You Should Try

To focus the discussion, you will be given specific tips for continuous double run, assuming that you have most likely completed a single triathlon, and are probably thinking crazy things to do next.

Remember, training for any race must start with the basic premise: Your training must prepare yourself for all the demands of the race. What type of stressing ¬ training is needed to prepare for a double distance event?

The training focus comes from a combination of the following factors:

• Frequency

• Duration

• Intensity

Frequency and duration are related to volume. Your training history is the first place to start determining the right adaptation for the volume.

Most single-distance athletes train between 13 and 20 hours per week. The weekly volume for a double run may be a lot more around 15 to 22 hours, with the highest peaks in 22 to 25 hours, depending on your training time and previous training history. (Note: this duration includes build week, not recovery week / reduced load week. We recommend no more than 2 weeks without reduced load weeks. You can even set your training up to one build week and one less load week.)

How you organize your activity at this volume depends somewhat on your specific strengths and weaknesses, your athletic history and how much time you have each week training for the event.

To prepare for the training load in each discipline, we want you to consider specifically where to build endurance and strength through these 3 sports.

1. Swimming

Swimming 7.8 miles (or more) can be time consuming. To prepare for this which can take two hours or more, we recommend three to four days of swimming, building readiness to swim 4.8 miles, with weekly distances in the range of 12,000 yards +.