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How to Become Ultraman, Here Is A Triathlon That You Should Try

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How To Become Ultraman, Here Is A Triathlon That You Should Try
How To Become Ultraman, Here Is A Triathlon That You Should Try

International.perdananews.com – Have you ever thought about how to become Ultraman? If so, that means you are in very precise writing.

Because in this article we will discuss how to become an ultraman in the real world. Curious ?

How to become Ultraman has recently become the hottest niche that is being discussed among Ultraman film fans.

Maybe including those of you who are currently curious about tips on becoming Ultraman which we will discuss in this post.

We ourselves are sure that you are already familiar with this super giant from Japan. But calm down, we are not discussing Ultraman like Ultraman who was popular in the 90s, but this is the real world version of Ultraman. Like what ?

Here we will explain about how to become the true version of Ultraman with Triathlon.

Triathlon or the Indonesians call it a trilomba is a competition consisting of a series of sports, namely swimming, bicycle racing and running, which are carried out continuously in one unit of time.

Trilomba is a competition for the speed of time in which participants must be able to share energy in each stage. If you succeed through this series of training, you will become a real version of Ultraman. Because you really did graduate and could become a healthy and strong ultra human.

This triathlete sports all you need to know about distance, the training required, and the nature of ultra-heavy training.

The History of Triathlon created by Scott Tinley first held races in France in the 1920s-1930s. The modern version of the triathlon was originally held as part of training for running sportsmen. The first known modern triathlon was held at the Port of Mission San Diego in 1974.

As information, the USA Triathlon Institute categorizes triathlon “ultra” as the distance regardless of the distance of any 2 miles swimming race, bicycle racing more than 62 miles and race running 18.6 miles more.

Really sports that pump our adrenaline right?

In addition, there is another ultra-range triathlon that surpasses 140.6 miles in one competition day. There’s the “Ultraman” competition, which is a three-day triathlon stage, with a composition of 6.2 miles of swimming, 90 miles of bicycles on the first day, 171.4 miles of bikes on the second, and a double marathon on the third. Each daily time limit is 12 hours.

Then there is also the Ultra Triathlon series that goes beyond 140.6 miles, these must be supervised by the International Ultra Triathlon Association (IUTA).

This “crazy” race is continuous once the race starts, the clock will never really stop ticking until you finish. You must pass all distances from each sport before moving on to the next discipline. With a swim of 4.8 miles, followed by a bicycle of 224 miles, followed by a double marathon. For 5 days with 12 hours per day.

In the United States, USA UltraTri has a series of double runes, tripling and occasionally fivefold. As most recently was held at Lake Anna Park, in Spotslvania, Virginia. Other US locations include Florida.

So, here we will attach some complete Triathlon training tips so you can make your dream of becoming a real Ultraman come true.

Training for Triathlon

There is no one-size-fits-all training approach. The purpose of this training is to offer a summary of the basics, along with some examples of the types of exercises you can do to prepare yourself.